Tuesday, May 09, 2006

When should a blog die or lose its reason for continued existence?

I thought about it after my friend who's on study exchange outside Singapore, decided his blog would have nothing interesting to write about after he returns to SG.
(is SG really that boring? or is it reflection of the fact that one's mind has to put on blinkers to survive in SG? or?!)

Oddly, it then made me wonder - when would this blog have reason to cease continued existence?

Well, its rather simple isn't it? just take the title of the blog and turn it into a yes/no question.

The day that there are no more serial numbers on my vote, will be the day that this blog ceases to have relevance to the future.
(that just means its time to find a new reason to blog)

anyway, just as a link to help spread the word, if one wants to look for non-StraitsTimes/CNA viewpoints, check out www.yawningbread.org

Next up: Trainspotting.



Anonymous energiser bunny said...

add a tag board on ur blog... so that we can mutter nonsense about ur posts...

and ur posts are still not multi colour.. yawn..

tell u a joke..

energiser bunny arrested.. charged with battery.. =)

4:21 PM  

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