Saturday, June 03, 2006

Another consequence of Out-of-Bound Markers

Welcome to Singapore. A world where the AUTHORITIES will take care of everything. Noisy neighbour? the police will soon be by. Illegal parking? The parking attendant is around the corner. Act of violence in a crowded bus? The bus driver will take care of it. (he's a bus captain afterall, so as commander of the vehicle, what goes on inside it is his responsibility! And since its a SG-registered vehicle, then SG laws are to be enforced!)

Now, it it had been a case of molest, and the girl screamed, I'm sure our bus drivers are completely well trained to lock the doors, and drive to the nearest police station or such. However, its probably not written down in the bus driver's training manual on how to deal with a act of possibly racially motivated violence. So our confused bus driver just continues driving, and hope it goes away.

The more we don't know each other, the more we see shadows jumping out at us. Its just another symptom of modern society - let someone else care. Luckily this time, someone did. Either way, its a sad situation in Singapore when we cannot talk about such issues without crossing OB markers. How can we mature as a society?




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