Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Thoughts about the future of SG after another optimist loses his hope

A response to a SigNeL mail from someone who lost his last shreds of idealism

Thoughts arising:

1. The Atheists need to come together. In human society, coming together to speak as 1 voice gives power. Atheists have no 'communal center' to focus around, and thus, are always bullied by other 'religions'.

2. Agnostics should do the same.

3. There needs to be a rethink on the concept of religion. Does having a church/temple/focal point of worship equate it with a religion? Then maybe the Atheist "entity" will be a place of individual spirituality (or will the idea just be seen as a hippie flowerpot?)

4. Discrimination is true and exists. It really seems like the only way to combat is its to take it one every possible incident, the way Rosa Parks did. Speak up, and stand up against all discrimination. (though personally, I still do think its right to discriminate (Darwinate?) against people without common sense.)

5. Is SG a lost cause? or is the silent majority just content to let the conservative minority hijack any and all agendas because they rather just go about their daily lives, not remembering why and where their freedoms in their daily life arose from?
(Or is that a flaw in our education system? wait. it is! study hard and all reward will come to you!)

What this then means is, the liberal minority needs to stop sitting on its collective idealistic asses, and start getting into the trenches. The conservative minorities have causes they rally around (a holy book, a holy leader, a hate-spewing bigot in a pulpit, watever). The liberals, by standing for all things, stand for nothing.

Oh well, this is a country that stands its politics as pragmatism. Pragmatism means subservience to the majority opinion, as long as its 50.1%, one must be pragmatic and cater for it first. We can either 'convert' people into secular liberals, or just walk, and let them fundamentalists come together and have their own religious version of paradise on earth. (not offending any single fundie religion, offending all at the same time).

This form of society is also commonly known as a Theocracy (with all its attendant issues). Maybe we're halfway there already, with all these 'unenlightened' victorian-era laws that don't "need" repealing and "won't" be enforced.

In the global competition for talent and minds, sadly, those who are not welcome will walk. And those who remain will be poorer for it.

[P.S. are you sure the SGgovt wants diversity? and why do you capitalize the "G" in government? it is not a noun!]
[or was it a very subtle pun at "Gggg-government"?]
Original post
(pertinent issues highlighted in red)

Dear Friends,

For the first time as a gay youth do I feel the terrible discrimination we face in this country we call home. First I need to apologise to Yawning Bread and several others. They tried to join the session but was rejected on the condition that they were not invited. I must acknowledge that this session is mainly for religious leaders, in fact I wonder am i the only non-religious person there. In my conversation with the organiser who happened to be my friend, some people have been classified as 'safe ones' and are welcomed to join anytime, some are considered 'ok' while some are 'dangerous'. In his words, I guessed that religious leaders might have put Yawning Bread and company as dangerous and unwelcomed. For that part, I am deeply sorry for what have happened.

Just to report on what have happened inside. When I asked the speakers whether section 377a is a tyranny of majority, their response was that the law at anytime is the reflection of the public sentiments. So indirectly he admitted it is a tyranny of majority. That we gays deserve to be prosecuted like this. When asked about the issue of female homosexuals, some religious leader felt that there is a rise in number of lesbians and they want to criminalise lesbians, the speakers' responses were that it is relevant and they will bring it back to consider.

When asked about whether gay man having sex outside singapore, and whether they will be prosecuted when they return. Their stand is yes. They claimed that it is a bit extreme. But the public do not accept homosexual acts, so the first step is to criminalise. In future, they will follow the public opinion and further strength the penal code against homosexuality!!!
Then some girl raised the point on Gay Saunas in town. Their first reaction is they don't know. And immediately, they felt it might lead to the increase in HIV cases and wanted immediate action from ministry of home affairs. So gay sauna owners out there, be prepared for raids and police in disguise.

As I was sitting in the room listening to all these, I was on the verge of bursting, yet I was upset. I wonder what can we do to reverse this trend. What can we do to reach out to the public and change people's mindset. The Government wants diversity, but obviously this don't seem the case. We are at a very crucial point in our struggle for acceptance. We need to get together, discipline ourselves and fight for our rights. The government will not give it to us, we need to fight for it.

To Yawning Bread, I apologise again for what have happened, I was totally unaware that the religious leaders made such a restriction. If any of you have been sitting inside listening to all those, I bet you will burst up as well.

With Regards,

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