Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hamsters without souls

Posted on Xenoboy's musings about the SG soul.

We are Hamsters
bought into this country,
through thinly disguised attempts
at eugenics,
and even thinner protestations
about, the need to maintain a racial balance of 77/17/6/x

Trained from birth, to run,
relentlessly, as fast as we can,
exhorted to sprint,
to stay on the hamster wheel that sits, in the corner of our cage
and keep running all day.

Hamsters, to be entertained,
once a year, with pretty explosives,
A choreographed show
reminiscent of a North Korean
extravangaza, for our Dear Leader and his merry men.

Full of pomp, and the message to continue running.

To run from birth, till death,
for retirement is a pleasure,
that must be put off, for we must
help the men-in-charge, save for
our rainy day, which when it arrives, is still woefully insufficient,
due to the need for higher wages.

Running in a city,
that calls itself a nation,
wither a countryside, for used hamsters to rest in.

Hamsters. Be all that we can be,
for the only thing that is desired of you, is your body at work.
Your soul, is an unnecessary component, in this economy that they call


Anonymous chiching said...

faster do a tagboard.. then i can yak and make ur monocolour blog a bit more interesting..

good one on the poem thou.. quite funny!

5:51 PM  

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