Thursday, July 13, 2006

Letterbox Activism

Driving through the English countryside, I noticed signs promoting political positions.

"Say NO to European Union"
('nuff said, The brits are euro-skeptics afterall)

"Say No to park n ride"
(residents do not want the added traffic jams that come as a result of increased traffic due to a 'park the car and ride the train' scheme being proposed.)

Do we in Singapore ever say NO to anything? Or is our default mode "yes unless you say no" (also known as "opt-out")

Do Singaporeans express their opinions? verbally-very often. Visually in print? maybe in inane bumper stickers. Apartment living means that even if you did have a sign outside your window, nobody can read it! (its too high!).

But there is a solution. The letterbox bank! Every apartment block has a letterbox bank. If you disagree with building management decision, you could put your message up on the letter box, and the whole building will know about it!

Imagine, true politics of organizing around common purposes in Singapore, starting from the humble letterbox bank. Put up stickers, state your opinion, all through the letterbox.

What a relevation. The End is not yet near.

[someone better check who actually 'owns' the letterbox. hahahaha. typical Singaporean reaction]


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