Saturday, July 22, 2006

More poems - has a barrier been broken?

More bad poety,

inspired by Spawnius Croakius' posting on "Narrow minded Singaporeans"
with additional verses.
'tis a paradox,
when we accept all as equal in our philosophy of laws,
but choose to limit,
or deny, through those laws,
the equality of all.

'tis a hypocrisy,
when we profess love for all things homo sapiens,
but practice, indifference for people not like us.

'tis a necessity,
for a society's evolution,
to consider and accept,
all things homo sapiens as
family, in the pursuit of
individual happiness.

'tis time not, for Singaporeans,
to stay, frogs in their well.
and wait, for the well's owner
to decide on improvements to
their society.

'tis time, to wake up, and
accept, truly, our fellow Singaporeans
as family.



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