Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the end of another generation's hopes

Thus it is proven,
that this society will not want to evolve,
hidint behind fear-mongering, mistrust, and plain ignorance,
seeking the appeal and support of religious minorities,
without consideration,
for the non-dissenting religious majority, or non-religious;

How the few, can and will direct, the morality of the many,
for without direct evidence of monetary gain,
we shall lose, another generation of talent,
to the greater world outside, this little red dot.

Seek not, what your country would do for you,
(for it will do nothing if you are of the discriminated),
but what you can do, for youself,
and for those that you care for.

The wider world awaits.
Swim in this well no more,
little gay frog of Singapore.

For those who don't know. see. www.repeal377a.com

[a red passport for the pragmatist; a believer in other more welcoming societies.]


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