Friday, December 21, 2007

Fear for when the political is free

Note on Catherine Lim's latest letter to all and sundry in Singapore. For a 1st generation immigrant, she sure has her heart set on getting society to be better, not just her own little world.


Dear Catherine,

thank you for another kind piece reminding us that we're not supposed to be aspiring to be the most souless city in this world.

Unfortunately, I do not believe that we will have evolutionary change towards that society you dream about. Sadly, by stifling all political efforts towards creating a better society, there will come a day where all that pent up energy (if any is left), will be suddenly released, in a manner that is so uncontrollable that it creates a negative impact in its urge to right the wrongs of old.

Where will we end up after that day? nobody knows. SG is a box of very dry tinder politically. Dried for 40+ years. Which spark will set it off?

truly, not a future to look forward to, but if history has shown, oppression always meets a violent end, and in turn, creates a even more extreme form of oppression by the victors over the old oppresion. Where will we all end up?


[not advocating revolution in any means, just warning that it could happen, but ruthless suppression of the "People's Action Figures Party" rally/demonstration... suggests that our political overseers are ever ready to hit the panic button and call out the riot police]


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