Friday, September 09, 2011

To each by their greed, by each through their reach

Today's pithy thought.

"[desired] to each by their greed, [acquired] by each through their reach"

Capitalism; Legalism, whatever. Societyism.
What we 'do' in this society? What does this society 'offer' as a 'reward'?

Is the latest flatscreen TV offered as a reward, or as another chain?
Or the latest iPad?

Or power?

Referencing YB's question on whether a person returing to 'work' qualifies for any withdrawals from the state pension whilst being employed; as far as I understand, in other state pension systems, a person cannot demand from his pension if he is gainfully employed in some manner. [and thus the complex legal acrobatics required of many who know how to play that system.]

And the deeper question about Singaporean Ministers qualifying for state pensions and withdrawals from it(?) whilst still being sitting ministers, all because they 'reached' their mandatory pension-paying age of 55.

Does that then count as double-dipping? Since the purpose of a pension is to provide an equivalent 'lifestyle' as enjoyed at a person's retirement age. Does this question the continued need for outdated pension systems?

Is this Singapore equivalent of the UK MPs' expenses scandal?
[probably not; we don't have a 4th estate that does this kind of fecal-digging.]

Should it not be an issue? The state talks so much about the need for corporate governance; yet it is expert at avoiding state governance as an issue.

Which brings back the question of the definition of corruption in Singapore. If it is the state doing the corruption, is it still corruption? Why do we need to pay our ministers x-multiples of other societies' ministers?

Or just 'nepotism' in the wider familial sense of "taking care of my people [anyone who is 'for' me, according to their ability to take care of 'my' interests.] ". That's just being clannish.
[what is the difference between clannish and racist? species-ish? lingui-ish? thought without action?]

[desired] to each by their greed,
[acquired] by each through their reach

Happy serfing.



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