Friday, September 18, 2009

A random poem about... informational asymmetry?

Randomly inspired by random thoughts.

Originally crafted along the lines of Martin Niemöller 'attributed quote'.

this poem got distracted.
(perhaps someday, I might review it. ahh.. hubris.)

anyway, posted the following as a response to YawningBread's short

First, they abused
the illiterate, then,
the uneducated, weak with
contractual informational asymmetry;
unable, to defend

Knowledge is power,
in this economic world built,
upon the efforts of all man,
what is fair?

Yet, those taught and literate,
stand idly by, not caring beyond,
their own little reality;

Are, in their own way,
abused by powers, incomprehensible,
to even those, that traverse,
the biggest corridors of power.

Or, are we all,
already, collected for?

Abuse happens when good people do nothing, or are unwilling to lift a finger to help those who build our society. Too often, we observe abuse, but do nothing to alleviate nor reverse the damage, because, well, they're not like us, or, because, just where do we start undoing wrongs?

Is the law of economics just a monetary equivalent of the law of the jungle? Are we then, human, or beast?



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