Thursday, June 12, 2008

Transparency versus Trust

Realization comes here and there.

When interacting with another entity/organization/government/etc
  • When there is absolute trust, there is an absolute lack of need for any sort of transparency;
  • When there is absolute lack of trust, there is an absolute need for transparency.

trust/transparency inverse relationship
0% trust = 100% transparency
100% trust = 0% transparency

Most entities in the world operate somewhere along this continuum.

And when governments lose the trust of their people, the more the people will clamour for greater transparency.

Now if the question is flipped - if the people currently trust the government, wouldn't a call for greater transparency lead to a loss of trust from the people?

Is it a mutual dependency relationship, or a singular dependency relationship? eg, when trust is lost, transparency is needed, but if more transparency is needed, trust is not lost?

paradox of life.

all i know is the ministers look overpaid for what they do; seemingly way way higher than what the recent Straits Times salary survey showed as the mean (only $12,000?).

if we paid everyone according to the 'assets' they take care of,
shouldn't those cleaners who ensure that the shiny buildings are kept clean and safe should therefore be pretty well paid too?

Ministerial pay in Singapore is truly the "golden handcuffs" approach to ensure compliance with someone's reality.



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