Sunday, May 18, 2008

Burma - who gives a #@$@#$)*#(@!!??

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We can bitch, we can moan, we can continue to make them pariahs, but if they choose NOT to accept our help, should we still be nosy neighbours and pester incessantly and complain to the other neighbours?

Double standards and misguided do-gooders. Either do an Iraq, or move on. They don't want capitalistic help.



Seriously - if our neighbours want to poison themselves, or starve themselves, must be we adopt holier-than-thou-humanitarian attitudes and attempt to impose our values on them?

If we respect choice, and see the right of the individual to choose as inalienable (as long as it does not contradict other individuals' right to live etc), then, why be so bitchy and moralizing about their wrecked infrastructure and lives? We chose to draw that line that says this is their land.

Oh well. Realpolitik - also known as strange bedfellows. (or other less dignified descriptives)



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